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Special Steel Fabrication Projects

No job is too small.

No project too obscure.

No client too far away.

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We’ve worked with some
well-known names both locally and nationally.

For example, we have completed structural work for the new Cowboy Stadium and the Ballpark in Arlington. Just down the road in Fort Worth, we created the iron gates at the Botanical Gardens. Also, in the Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth, Advantage Steel Service created some structural components. At Texas Christian University, you will see TCU lettering for handrails and some other decorative work that was completed at Advantage Steel Service. We also did structural work for the Police Memorial in Downtown Dallas.

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However, our range is not limited to the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

We worked on various projects all over the country. Our company produced and executed Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center panels and shipped to Florida. We created internal components for the wind towers that you might have seen in West Texas—some are as far away as Idaho.

We also take pride in the projects that you have not heard of and probably never will. If you have a dream that requires metal work, come on in and talk to us.

At Advantage Steel Service Inc. our goal is to meet and exceed all your steel plate and fabrication needs, with quality work second to none. From small to large projects our highly trained staff will insure you have made the right choice.

Providing Steel for Many Schools, Churches, and Malls Throughout Texas

Steel Construction Elements
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